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Nicholas Hall is proud to introduce its newest product OTC DASHBOARD, the first of its kind in the OTC world. Nicholas Hall’s OTC DASHBOARD is an innovative web applet designed to keep consumer healthcare executives connected with the latest industry trends; ultimately aiding their daily business decisions. Designed with the user in mind, the platform enables subscribers to access a wealth of reliable data, expert insight and facts from around the world, quickly and easily.

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Access facts and data from 62 countries across 5 regions with additional detail for the top 20 markets

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OTC DASHBOARD on tablet and laptop devices

A Wealth of Global OTC Information Across 12 Features

What people are saying about OTC DASHBOARD

Joe McGovern

An outstanding offering. I started OTC global marketing in 1990 and (after working in Rx global marketing) I was surprised to find my first challenge in OTC's was NO DATA. We had large businesses in many countries and almost no business in many others. The challenge I had was where to focus. Which categories, which countries offered the best growth opportunities? After months of data gathering it became clear to me that our focus was wrong if we wanted a much greater level of growth. The next challenge was proving this because big investment decisions require a lot of evidence. We have come a long way in understanding the world of OTC thanks to the Nicholas Hall team.

Joe McGovern. VP, Strategy at everythingHEALTH, USA